A B O U T   U S

Grown up with Teckels and after a nonsuccsessfull experiment of giving home to a poor dog from a dog-home
I got my first Retriever, a Golden Retriever in 1986, from the famous Kennel "Vimy" of the late Mrs Geo Wettstein
Nearly two years later I "discovered" the Flatcoat, a very unknown and rare breed in our country at that time.
After having moved 1990 from an appartement to our house in Auenstein in the "Schenkenbergtal",
our wish became real, and we got our first black "devil".
My house
 My two daughters:


My Dog- and house nanny Renate

Most of our male Flatcoats life with friends and their families not far from us. They come with us to Shows and spend their holidays with us.
 We don't keep our dogs in kennels but in the house, so this is the best way for all not to be stressed if one of the bitches is in season.
Nearly all of them are in Co-ownership with our friend Yvonne Jaussi Juon (Neala's).

Today we life with...........................
 our English Cocker Spaniels and Flatcoats
We want to engage our dogs, which isn't done with a daily walk.
A Flatcoat needs to work, otherwise it becomes stunted
In February 1994 we got our first litter.
Today, in 2007 we're breeding Flatcoats in the 7th Generation.
I first realised the attraction of the English Cocker Spaniels when I went to see Shirley Oxford's kennel "Taranbeck" in the late nineties. I never forgot her dog Herbie, who was the boss in the house and her charming bitch Briony.
Dominique my older daughter "rediscovered" this wonderful breed in 2004 and convinced us to become "invected" by the "cocker fever" !! The English Cocker Spaniels enrich daily life by their great character, their sence of humor and their loyality.
After more than 13 years of breeding Flatcoats, we hopefully started with a second breed in 2007.
We are member of the "Swiss Retriever Club" (RCS), the "German Retriever Club" (DRC), the "English Flatcoated Retriever Society", the "Dutch and the Swedish Flatcoated Retriever Clubs" as also of the "Swiss Spaniel Club" (SpCS), and we certainly breed under their FCI rules.
We only have betweeen once and three times a year a litter and we try to plan these under the criterious
of healthness and the official breed standard.
No breeder can tell you, that he only bred "perfect dogs". We also have our problems and disappointments. But we try to improve with everything that is possibel and in our hands.
Most of our dogs have Scandinavian origins or are imports from those countries. Together with our best friend Yvonne Jaussi (Neala's), from which kennel we got our most succesfull brood bitch Neala's Jellyfish Kiss, we have imported several dogs. Most of them have an important influence to the Swiss Breeding! We are very thankfull to Ann-Cathrin Elmquist (Tarpilens) and Charlotte Sundell-Ericsson (Comics) for trusting us!
The first four weeks of their life the puppies live in our living room in their big puppy box.
Afterwards they leave to a big "puppy ground" in our garden, where they got a lot of toys, dummies and socialsation objects. They stay there until they leave to their new homes.
During their "kennel-time", we try to socialize them as well as possible.
.................."And here we are having our siesta time"
"Siesta Time"
We force the puppies to be in contact with human beeings, adult dogs but also with daily noise from our civilisation. We take them into the car, go for walks in the field and the forest.
The future owners are welcome every weekend after the puppies are in the fourth week of their life.
To the new owners we give lots of written informations about feeding, care etc. to. After having sold the puppy, we're still interested in its life, if there are questions, just contact us.
Is there anything to add?
Our "Singel" from the G-Litter (Plainfire's Glamour Girl) with one of her "nurse-sister", a German shepperd bab
(February 1998)
"Show-Position", you never practice too late!
Mummy "Jammie" playing with her daughter!