F-Wurf 30.06.2021

CH Lynwater Chasper

American Dream of la Vie Manifique

CH Lynwater Chasper Lynwater Summer Solstice Lynshow Touch of Prost Lynwater Jack Frost
Lynshow Rainbow
Lynwater Midsummers Eve Lynwater Spinning Top
Lynwater Spring Glow
Lynwater Rose Quartz Craigdean Hanibel Fletcher Craigdean Axie
Glowstar Serial Thriller
Lynwater Moon Charm Lynwater Sea Star
Lynwater Halo Light
American Dream of la Vie Manifique Lynwater Spinning Top Coastline Happy Hour Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
Coastline Gift Rose
Lynwater Holly Time Lynwater Rising Sun
Lynwater Christmas Lilly
White Maple Cross First Swallow Lynwater Sea Biscuit Lynwater Seahaze
Lynwater Evening Glow
Mocambo Miss Maca Uzzio de Vaccares
Mocambo Ladylike