Plainfire's Call me By Your Name



Unsere Deckrüden

Plainfire's Absolute Vodka



Plainfire's Bohemian Rhapsody



Moonstruck Flawless Fling



Comics Spirit in the Night



Neala's Xtraordinary



Blacktoft Fire and Ice



Crazy Tail Kaus Borealis



Plainfire's Urban Cowboy



Plainfire's Quentin McLeod



Crazy Tail Ribes



Plainfire's Xcactly Mr. Right



Deckrüden aus unserer Zucht

Plainfire's Nickels and Dimes



Plainfire's Tougher Than The Rest



Plainfire's Vertical Limit




Double Chocolate z'Mokré Hory



Herb of Grace du Val de Riberot



Blue Sky is the Limit Basteta



Plainfire's Keep on Moving