Wurfplanung Herbst 2024

Caci's Playing Magic

Plainfire's Action for Reaction

Caci's Playing Magic Caci's Playing to Win Caci's Win a Latte Branchalwood Aylancoll
Caci's Cock a Doodle Doo
Caci's Mc Flurry Daim Caci's I'm Lovin it
Caci's Julia Roberts
Caci's Mystery WFS Makers Caci's We are the Heroes Hempth's Vally-Vic
Caci's Sorry I Need to Win
Caci's Magic and Mystery at WFS Castlerock Simply Magic
Caci's Shines in the Dark
Plainfire's Action for Reaction Neala's Xtraordinary Plainfire's Keep on Moving Black Mica's Not your Business
Plainfire's You Pay I Play
Neala‘s Strathisla CH Colona Ben Nevis
Branchalwood Benromach
Plainfire‘s One in a Million CH Guiness Gonzo Ashes of St. Helens CH Amaro Ashes of St. Helens
Conover's Yes it's Fernet Branca
CH Plainfire's Hole in One CH Plainfire's Young Diamond
Plainfire's Zone of Fire