6 Rüden schwarz, 5 Hündinnen schwarz


CH Tarpilens Sogno di Cioccolata


CH Wagging Tails The Swiss Swing

CH Tarpilens Sogno di Cioccolata CH Caci's Hell of a Lot Cariena's Thirtyfour-Four Cariena's Twentysix-eight
Almanza Whispering Wind
NORDUCH INTUCH Almanza Heaven or Hell Almanza Larry O'Grady
Almanza Now or Never
Tarpilens Artemis NUCH Cariena's Fifteen-Eight Shargleam Blackcap
Cariena's Seven-Ten
Keka's Nina Ricci Thistle Thescot
Gunsmith Mata Hari
CH Wagging Tails The Swiss Swing CH Almanza Sa in I Vassen CH Almanza Larry O'Grady Gunhills Ear of Esophagus
Scarlet O'Hara
Almanza Exotic Tequila Sunrise SV-90-91-93 NV-91 FINUCH NORDUCH INTUCH Almanza Larry O'Grady
SUCH Almanza Forbidden Love
CH Wagging Tails Wintertee Driver Melody Makers Laban
Melody Makers Je-T'aime
CH Wagging Tails Hole in One CH Branchalwood Lochdubh
CH Jinks

Plainfire's Xploring Poetry

Plainfire's Xcellent and Xpressive

Plainfire's Xcellent Expert

Plainfire's Xpected Pitch-Mop

Plainfire's Xtreme Star

Plainfire's Xcellent Star

Plainfire's Xpress Your Self

Plainfire's Xclusively Heavensent

Plainfire's Xcellent Grace

Plainfire's Xtravagant Creation

Plainfire's Xclusive Ebony